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Charles E. McNeal artist statement.

Artist Statement


Charles E. McNeal

Science and art have many things in common. Specifically, both provoke thought and require experimentation to gain understanding. A psychological study such as the Rorschach Inkblot test is a huge inspiration for my body of work. In this test, a group of viewers are shown the same 10 random inkblots on cards, then they are asked to determine what it is that they see in the image. That single idea is what draws me to paint with a free mind to develop pieces of art that are anonymous in context; leaving viewers to decide what it is that they see.

Focusing on this concept, I create abstract fluid paintings that are color representations of everyday life experiences. Motion and color relation are the two key elements in this body of work. Using these elements, I apply water-thinned acrylic paint directly to the canvas then tilt it at various angles to shift the paint around. This process is repeated until the final piece has a lasting sense of motion that allows ones eyes to dance around the artwork.